Model United Nations Nancy

What you need to know

MUNancy 2018: Bringing the UN to Nancy
9 - 11 February 2018

From the initiative of a group of highly motivated students, MUNancy has grown over the years into a conference renowned for its quality all over France and Europe, being particularly well-known in Germany. Our aim is to share a passion for diplomacy and interest in the work of the United Nations through the MUN experience.

  • Challenges of the 21st century

    Addressing Global Defiances

  • Each of MUNancy's diverse committees will engage with particular challenges of the 21st century; ranging from poverty alleviation and the refugee crisis to environmental protection.

MUNancy 2017 Secretariat

Working Tirelessly To Make MUNancy A Great Experience For You
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Tiziana Antonietti

Secretary General
Over the last couple of years I had the opportunity to participate at several MUN conferences, which gave me the opportunity to discover a hobby that is nowadays very dear to me : the art of debate. Along the way I have been able to meet the most open-minded, fun and passionate people, which I am looking forward to repeat at our very own MUN in Nancy. Having had the pleasure to participate at last years conference and work with the team, I am honored to be able to organize MUNancy this year and make this the best experience possible for you.
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Neïla Khelifi

Under-Secretary General and President of UNAN
Born and raised in the North of France, I’ve discovered MUN conferences during secondary school and quickly got into it here in Nancy. What a better place than our European campus to open up to the world: looking upon my studies mixing French, English, German and Swedish, I’m convinced it’s the place to be. Until now, I’ve had the opportunity to take on various roles from Head of Finance to Chair and I now have the privilege of being President of UNAN, our MUN association. I’ve come to realize how debating has been helpful in my everyday life, I’m still amazed by the diversity of people you get to know and how easily you can learn from their experiences. Thus it’s once again a pleasure to organize Munancy and make sure we prepare for you innovative debates that will hopefully turn out to be tough nuts to crack. I hope you’ll get the chance to experience our campus’ electrifying spirit and that you’ll rise to the challenge…
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Priscille Duflos

Under-Secretary General for Finances
Discovered the MUN life in grade 12, she is since then involved in this concept. Interested in international issue especially regarding human rights, Mun is a way for her to debate and find solution to those issues. She is responsable for the finance and is really exited about being part of the organisation team and to welcome you.
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Alexander Kräss

Having had the pleasure of participating at several MUNs as a delegate, I really enjoy each MUN-conference: Debating important subjects, finding agreements on certain points, representing the ideas and “the role” of the delegate of a country, but also finding sometimes new, unconventional and even funny solutions should be part of a good MUN-experience. This year, all the other members of the UNAN-project and I are working (even sleeplessly) together in order to enable you to have that very MUN-experience. As Secretary of UNAN I can only recommend you to come to Nancy, take part in our conference and benefit from meeting new people and having a lot of fun with the latter. Even though some say that live is too short for learning German – it surely isn’t for coming to the MUN of a French-German campus
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Christian Gäth

Under-Secretary for Communication
Having lived in different countries, Christian lives the UN mission and always seeks divers problem solving conversation, but also does not hesitate to take action himself. He is responsible for the communication.

Stay tuned for the announcement of our exciting committees!