Regional Bodies (Advanced)

Regional Bodies represent a fresh style of committee – small-to-medium sized, each with their own regional focus – that surely won’t disappoint. Featuring two non-traditional UN committees, this year’s Regional Bodies will undoubtedly keep delegates on their toes as they are confronted with some of the most pressing issues of particular regions.

+ AFRICAN UNION – in French
Topics: Le développement durable en Afrique: un enjeu crucial and Stabilisation politique et maintien de la paix en Afrique

Your Chair: Loick Mboungou-Niangui (University of Lille)unnamed

« My name is Loïck and I’m now in my second year of Political Science at the University of Lille 2. I’m also the vice-president of MUNDUS Lille 2. I’m now getting acquainted with the world of MUNs and I’m particularly commited to the African Union – it’s undoubtedly one of my weaknesses. I’m very happy to chair the African Union at MUNancy 2017 in February. I look forward to meeting and working with all and each one of you. See you then! »


Topics: The Arab League Council on Political Affairs: Combatting the Spillover of the Ongoing Syrian Civil War and Arab League Council on Palestinian Affairs: Tackling the Human Rights Violations in Occupied Territories

Your Chair: Chahnaz Lagha13423741_1059181574169796_167187047498040790_n

« Currently serving as the Deputy Secretary General of MUNICE 2017, I have had the pleasure of attending several international MUN conferences across Europe, be it as a Delegate, Chair, Organizer or Press Team member. I am continuing my diplomatic weekends so you will undoubtedly meet me at some conference anytime soon. I am enthralled to be chairing the Arab League, which is my all-time favourite committee. We are working on preparing something delightful for you delegates! »