Specialized Committees (Advanced)

Specialized Committees at MUNancy give students an opportunity to discuss topics in an engaging, imaginative, spontaneous and intellectually stimulating atmosphere. One of the main unique qualities of specialized committees is that they are much smaller than General Assemblies, ECOSOCs and Regional Bodies. This small atmosphere leads to very lively debates, which force delegates to react quickly and engage fully in the topics being discussed. MUNancy’s Specialized Committees cover a wide range of topics, time periods and regions.

+ UNSC (United Nations Security Council)

ICJ (International Court of Justice)

Ad-hoc Committee (Crisis)

Your Chair: Eleni Kapousouz

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« My name is Eleni Kapousouz and it will be my pleasure to welcome you to the Crisis Committee of MUNancy 2017. Originally from Greece, I am now living in Paris where I am about to complete my undergraduate degree in Sorbonne-Paris IV. I entered the wonderful world of MUNs more than 8 years ago now and I am a huge fan of crisis committees. I hope to see you all at MUNancy this year! »

Stay tuned for the announcement of the interactive crisis committee’s topic!